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Welcome to Rescue Center Costa Rica! A nonprofit organization that relies on our global community and your donation. Here, we have a team of veterinarians, interns and volunteers, who not only take care of our furry friends but also make sure that they get all the love and attention they need. Our facility is equipped with comfortable living quarters which can accommodate up to 100 volunteers at any time. 

We are proud to have an aviary, sloth gardens, and monkey enclosures full of enrichment that replicate a similarity to their natural habitats where animals can recover from their wounds or injuries. We even introduce some species into these spaces so that they can learn how to live together peacefully while enjoying the beauty of nature around them. 

Here at Rescue Center Costa Rica every patient gets exactly what they need: love and attention from people who truly care about them and Costa Rica’s wildlife. 


What they think

Highly recommend visiting if you get the chance. The place was amazing and the staff were so lovely and welcoming. 
Sara Giggs
Sara Giggs
Great experience, our tour guide from Ontario did a fantastic job and we got to see what we came to Costa Rica to see Sloths, would recommend checking it out its a must.
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson
The overall experience was wonderful! This is definitely a fantastic learning experience for any animal lover. 
Mark Morgan
Mark Morgan
Bank of America
The experience was great, we enjoyed every second there. You need to go there & experience how the rescue center is giving its best to those amazing animals.
Mia Garrison
Mia Garrison
This is a great and wonderful company. Keep going with the good work!!!!
Greg Michaels
Greg Michaels
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